Sunday, November 4, 2012

Helping out our neighbors

I have not posted in awhile, life seems to be moving by so fast!!  I am posting now because I have a wonderful way for you to help the victims from Hurricane Sandy. My Art is You retreat group has this fabulous way of helping.  1. Visit this link:

2.    Click on the Donate now button...Cash, groceries, gas.  Doesn't matter what but you must make a donation.

3.    Come back here and post that you have donated.  I don't need to know what or how much.  In your post be sure to put your email address so I can be in touch with you.
  I will draw a name from the posts to this, and the winner will receive a necklace or apron created especially for them.  Their will also be a main drawing, you can see the wonderful art on the website!
Here are some of the aprons and necklaces I have created in the past!
 Thank you so much for your help.