Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tea Time!

Yesterday I had my annual tea, and this year it actually happened in February!  Last year had to be postponed until April because of the weather.  This years theme was Aprons.  We all wore our aprons and told our stories about them.  My Aunts was made for her in the 1960's by her grandmother.  My sister and my niece wore matching aprons that my sister in law gave them.  I have several aprons and made a new one for the occasion.  I make a new apron each year for my Art Is Retreat, with the retreats theme in mind.  I have Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Dr Seuss so far.  My mom wore a apron made for me by an Art Is friend, Elizabeth.  I served Chocolate Cherry muffins, yogurt with raspberries and homemade granola, Strawberries and Cream scones, shrimp tea sandwiches and cream cheese and cucumber tea sandwiches and minted citrus fruit.  Dessert was a raspberry trifle, and of course we had tea!  Peppermint, lemon ginger, peach ginger, chamomile and my mothers favorite, Tetley.  Here are some pictures of the day! 

Debbie was coordinated to her apron!

My mom and Deb catch up.

Tracy Pat and Patti

Tracy Pat and Patty with my niece in the backrground

Mom, Olivia, My sister Janice and me, and the doggies!

Raspberries in yogurt, with homemade granola

Chocolate cherry muffins

Mint citrus fruit

Raspberry trifle

cucumber and cream cheese, shrimp tea sandwiches

Strawberry and cream scones

Tea and talk!

Rosie had to be a part, sitting between my mom and Patti.

My sister Janice and my niece Olivia!

Oliver looks sad so.....

Oliver got to wear an apron, don't tell daddy!

I made a banner for the mantle, and my wool roving tree is in the center. Everyone got to take a heart home.  I had so much pink and red felt left over from a previous project so I made little hearts with lace and ribbons and fun stuff on them.

We all had such a good time catching up and eating and drinking tea!!  Now I will have to start thinking of next years theme.  Will it be prim, flowers, butterflies, gardening, baking.....


  1. Pat Darico's apron looks like a Karenne Crow and your Mom looks swell in the ED couture!
    Love the mantle...everything looked very pretty.

  2. What a lovely tradition. Love the aprons. I used to have an annual gourmet dinner to celebrate my buying the house (my first house). Just me and three very special friends. The centerpiece was always four yellow roses and everybody took one home. That tradition fell by the way-side 10 years ago when i bought this house. Scheduling became a nightmare and I finally just threw up my hands. Maybe I'll do it again next year in Washington.

  3. Thanks Ellen! Pat Ds apron was from Anthropologies. My mom loved EDs apron! I love aprons also Patty, and I love your tradition. I hope this one can continue, but scheduling is always hard! I bet you will be able to do it in Washington, my friend who lived in Seattle had a group that did dinner partys and things like that!

  4. Its Wonderful to meet you....but.....can I come next time?heehee..Everything looks yummy!!Warmest Regards,Cat