Monday, November 28, 2011

The Halloween storm

Our birch out looking out the kitchen window

Another pic of the birch, one of her branches was touching the door.

The birch .

The birch from a different angle.

It looked so magical

All of the trees branches were bent over from the weight of the snow.

We worried about these wires but the did not snap.

All the branches were bent all around the house and some snapped and hung suspended in the air, some came down.

This tree came down in my shade garden.

From the spare bedroom, this is a beauty bush touching the window and all other trees around the wood shed.

The front of the house, this is a pussy willow tree touching the window.  This tree ended up just fine, its branches went right back into place after the snow melted.

From our bedroom, magical looking.  Taken with the window open thru the screen.

 We had a foot of snow, and no power.  We ventured out to go to the Wooden Spoon for breakfast, not really understanding the full force of the storm.  Route 74 was blocked from a downed tree so we took some backroads which showed us the extent of the storms damage.  It truly looked like a war zone.  Wires down, trees down, branches down.  We went back home and decided to go to my parents, I could not reach them on the phone.  As we turned down their street in Vernon, I started to panic.  Wires were all over and the branches and trees that were down all around us as we neared my parents. Still to this day I can see the devastation, they lost the apple tree that has so many memories and shaded my moms shade garden.  Branches and trees all over, and the top of the apple tree just brushed the house.  My dad said that all night he could hear the trees and branches snapping and hitting the ground.  I cannot believe the house did not get hit.  I posted the pics from their house on FB.  We were without power for 7 days.  We were fine, we heat with wood in the winter so that was ok.  We cooked on the grill and the coleman camp stove.  Rick heated water every morning so I could shower and wash my hair.  The only issue was that we have well water and the pump is electric so we had no running water.  We now have a generator that we will wire into the pump so we don't have this issue if this happens again.  My parents were without power for 9 days and my sister and her family for 7 days.  There is still clean up going on and piles of brush are still lined up along the street for pickup.  I hope we never have another storm like this, but I know that is Mother Natures call.  I did find beauty in this early snow, even with all its devastation.

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