Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you Mrs. Pom

I received my Cloth Paper Scissors Nov issue a few days ago.  Normally I would read it from back to front before I do anything else, the day it comes in the mail.  Back to front because our Mrs. Poms article is in the back and that is how I like to start reading CPS.  This time was different because I knew it was Loretta Benedetto Marvels last article in CPS.  As usual her article was inspiring, uplifting and I love the ending, keep buying magazines... and I cannot capture in my own words how Loretta writes it so you will have to read your magazine to see what I am talking about! 
I met Loretta Benedetto Marvel at Art Is... You, she hosts the morning journaling, soul searching events before your day gets going.  She helps us think outside the box, she teaches us to let go and just do. What a freeing concept!  She helps you find your art soul and teaches you how to hang on to it and let it grow.

Loretta, you have inspired me in so many ways, you will never know. Thank you!!!!
xox Colleen


  1. Oh, Colleen, this is the sweetest thing ever! Love you!! Come down for an art day with Kathy, Sal, and I!!!

  2. Hi Colleen , I love your Blog.. I wish I went to Mis Poms Morning Journal thing at "ART IS YOU " but I'm driven by the need to eat in the morning .. Next year

  3. Het COL... Your blog ischoc full of info it_!!@! This is a great COL2

  4. Well said, colleen. Loretta has a way of expressing in words i so admire! Can't wait to see where her new adventures take us...we'll just have to follow her blog

  5. LOretta,I will have to do that someday!!! That would be so much fun!
    Kathy, I know, we have her blog and Art is...
    Heather, bring your breakfast to journaling..
    Col2 thanks!!xox to you all!!

  6. The new CPS is not out on the shelves yet, but I definitely plan to check it out, as I too love Mrs. Pom!