Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday at the Coventry Regional Farmers Market

Today was a crisp fall day and I vended at our Market for the last time this year outdoors.  It was a bitter sweet day as it is my last outdoor show of the year.  Our market is amazing, from coffee and teas to honey, beef, chicken and pork, fruits, veggies and flowers, organic cotton clothing and woolen wonders.  Fantastic photography breads, pastries.  Delish food vendors, kettle corn, maple delights, jewelry, and on and on.  Here are some pictures from todays market, and I would like to thank Thea and Rose for coming from Rhode Island to visit our market and to see me!  Enjoy!
From veggies to organic cotton...

My friend Dot Drobneys wonderful photography!

Wonderful food vendors

Merianos Bakery, amazing pasta and pastries

Farm to Hearths wood fired oven, the dome shaped thing in the background.  Melissa and Todd make the best pizzas and they use fresh cheese, meats and veggies from the vendors at the market.  You can see the wonderful breads all lined up for us to buy and eat!

Jams in the background, teas and herbs in the front, I was set up right next to the teas and herbs, and the smell was heavenly!

Got peppers and eggplant from Windham Gardens.

Windham Gardens has the most spectacular flowers, every single Sunday!

Some of my work, Moonfaerie Designs

More of my work

Laura Craig Stone, one of the Markets photographers posing for my pic!

What a sweetie, and she has her maple syrup, so all is good with the world!

Dogs are welcome at the Market, vendors put water bowls out for them in the summer.  There is a vendor who sells doggie treats!

Halloween is around the corner...

My hubby Rick and Sue Muldoon, one of the Market photographers and the wonderful woman who helped me get my social media up and running!  She rocks.    So does my hubby!

More of my work at Moonfaerie Designs

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  1. It was great to see you yesterday! Fantastic blog...xoxox Sue