Wednesday, October 12, 2011

renewing my soul at Art is... You

I have been quiet lately, thinking about the past week.   The new techniques I have learned to incorporate into my art, the new teachers and friends I have met, the old teachers and friends I got to see and hug!  Leighanna Light is a joy to be around and makes working with metal easy! Tracy Page Stilwell is as beautiful as her art is and I was so lucky to be the only one in that class!  Gelatin printing rocks!  Ruth Rae's work is in my soul and has rejuvenated me!  Nancy Lefkos spirit and enthusiasm broke me into canvas work and water soluble crayons are so easy to use.  My husband thinks that was my best work!  Jodi Ohls brightness was so much appreciated and I learned so many new techniques and I am no longer afraid to paint freely!!  Keith Lo Bue, the resin world rocks because of you!  Loretta Benedetto Marvel, your morning exercises are fantastic, even if they make us cry!  But most of all I have to thank Sallianne McClelland and Ellen Legare, because if it were not for them, I would not have met the friends I have met and I would not be at the good place I am at right now in my art life.  
If any of you need a jump start into their art life, I would tell you to sign up for Art-Is You Art Retreats as soon as you can!    Not only do they teach you new techniques, they nuture your art soul. 
I will post pictures tomorrow,  for now I will go to bed with pictures of vintage lace and fabric dancing in my head.
xox Colleen

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