Thursday, October 20, 2011

my beloved bunnikins

I fell in love with bunnies when I saw one in a pet store window about 15 years ago.  I was so surprised when I was given a rabbit cage for my birthday one year.  We went to the pet store and I saw all the buns there and fell in love with a jet black bun who was yawning so big she could have swallowed herself.  She came home that evening and I named her Flopsy after the bunny in Peter Rabbit.  She weighed less than 3 pounds and she was my buddy.  She sat on one foot while the other foot was on the sewing machine pedal and she was my sewing bun!  She nibbled holes in several quilts I made and the original name of my business was Cottontail Quilts by Colleen.  She passed away from cancer when she was about 9.  I remember setting triage up in the dining room with the iv bag hanging from the chandalier to give her fluids to save on vet bills.  When she passed I thought I could never love another bun but I was missing her so much I asked our vet if they knew where I could get one from a breeder.  He recommended The House Rabbit Society.  I called and spoke with a woman named Deb who is now a dear friend of mine.  She had me visit a foster home and I fell in love with an all white bun with blue eyes and her name was Cassandra, I called her Cassie.  She was lonely so Rodney came to live with us. Rodney was so cute, he had a big head and sweet disposition.  Cassie and Rodney became fast friends.  When Rodney got sick with Head Tilt, Cassie was his nurse and let him lean on her.  When Rodney passed my heart broke.  Rodney was my confident, the only one I could tell all my sadness to and he understood me in a really sad time in my life.  Cassie was my only bun at that point and we had fun together.  I tried to bond her with other bunnies but she would not have it.  All the time I had my own buns I fostered bunnies for the House Rabbit Society.  Harry Potter came as a foster and we were hoping he and Cassie would get along, but she slightly tolerated him through the cages.  When Cassie passed an went over the Rainbow Bridge,  my heart was broken again. Harry Potter was the only one left, my foster bun. He was a little love but unadoptable since he nipped.  He was so sweet and as Rick called him, a funny little rabbit. Harry Potter and our puhuahua Rosie were good friends.  When my studio moved downstairs I had to stop fostering, I was concerned that some of the glues and other things I use in my art could hurt the bunnies.  Harry Potter was in sanctuary at my friend Debs house when he passed this morning.  I was supposed to go to see him tomorrow evening and I am so sad that I will never see him again.  Bunnies are wonderful pets, so loving in their own way.  They are intelligent and can entertain themselves with a toilet paper roll stuffed with timothy hay.  I will miss them all dearly.  I have scattered each one of my buns ashes under the lilac bush in the backyard where the wild buns romp.  I have scattered them on the Summer Soltice, when the veil between the earth and the everafter is thinnest.  The fae come to our land and carry off their spirits.  My friend Deb was kind enough to offer Harry Potters ashes to me to scatter with all my other beloved.  I am forever grateful for her kindness in this. Here are pictures of my buns that I will always keep in my heart. I do not have any of Flopsy on my computer yet but here are Cassie, Rodney and Harry Potter.  They were all dwarf buns, and weighed between 2.5 and 4 lbs.

Harry Potter

Cassie and Rodney, this picture does not show Cassies blue eyes.

Rodney loved to chew sticks!

Cassie playing Rapunzel in her Bunny Cottage.

True love.  Cassie and Rodney. I imagine this is how they are over the Rainbow Bridge.

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