Friday, October 14, 2011

art is... you memories

My starfish in resin.
 I took an evening class with the one and only Keith Lo Bue.  Keith is a one of a kind teacher and makes things so easy to learn.  I added an old page from a book, placed it in a tin, added a starfish, a lens, some shells around the edge and then added resin.  Of course there are more steps to make it all come together but if you want to know them you will have to take Keiths class.
The picture did not come out that good as I was having glare on the resin issues and my hubby the photographer was not home.

Ruth shows us how to color fabric.
I was at home in Ruth Raes class, fabrics, vintage lace, ahhhhh!  
My comfort zone. I learned how to layer different mediums, fabric, paper, and to write with my sewing machine.
Fabrics, and lace, and ribbons, sigh...

My work in Ruth Raes class.
Mrs Pom, aka Loretta, fed our souls in the morning with her exercises.  Very freeing and she really does help you find your art soul.  Loretta is one remarkable woman.

Morning fun with Mrs Pom.  

Prepping canvas in Jodi Ohls class.

I took a class with Nancy Lefko, and we used molding paste to create texture and water soluable crayons to paint with. I learned not to be afraid to draw and my sunflower rocks!!

       I took two classes with the wonderful Jodi Ohl.  We used mixed media and acrylic paints and created groovy little villages and owls!  What freeing classes for me with paints!

Groovy Little Faerie Villages, I have a faerie dog house in the canvas on the right.

Whoo are You!

Wonderful name badges!

The Welcome Bags!

Breakfasts were for time to catch up, see friends, grab your cup of coffee or tea.  The main attraction was the waffle maker!
Dawn brought Teddy to breakfast.  This was Dawns first Art Is...YOu.  She lives in England ad her husband gave this wonderful retreat to her as her 50th birthday gift. 

We had several fun events to attend in the evenings.  Eat Cake and Create was fun and just what it sounds like.  We screen printed our T shirts with the Art is You Hand, with the help of Linda Willis and Tracy Stilwell.

We were fortunate to have JoAnnA Pierotti teach us how to make these lovely faces and turn them into necklaces.  Mine is not finished yet, work in progress.

 These are some of my supplies for Leighanna Lights class, Birds gone Wild.  I learned more techniques on how to work with metal scraps using cold connections.  No glue!!  Ever since I saw Leighannas work in Who's Your Dada, I have wanted to take a class with her and it happened.

Here are my owls made in her class.

A few of the gelatin print fabrics I created in Tracy Stilwells class.  I have to make my dolls now, work in progress!!  This technique is really cool and Tracy Stilwell is a wonderful teacher!

Well that is all for now, continue with memories tomorrow!!! 
xox Colleen

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