Saturday, October 15, 2011

art is... you memories part 2

Now that I have shown you my classes, let me take you into the world of the wonderful people at Art Is... You!
 Sallianne, Di and Ellen.   Sallianne and Ellen are our wonderful leaders of Art Is...You! WE LOVE THEM| We love Di as well!!
For the 5th yr celebration, Loretta created 2 beautiful canvases for Sallianne and Ellen and they were surprised at vendor night.
The adorable Anne Hesse

Benny, it was great to pet a doggie every day!

Angela, Pammy and Anne

Sallianne, JoAnnA, Jane and Ruth

Aaron and Jenny, they are so cute!!

The lovely Lesley and Kecia, I love these ladies!

Kecia and Jane at the Flamingo Race.  I won this event and received a trophy and medal created by the wonderful Mz BEE, Miss Marlene.

Kecia getting ready for class

Keith Lo Bue getting ready for class

The lovely Leighanna Light and her new doll.

Loey and Tracy

I know I used ths picture yesterday but Loretta is so special she deserves 2 entrys!!

Mr De Meng

Sisters-- Ellen and Mariah. We also had a few mother daughters here.  So nice!!

Thomas Ashmann, Leighanna Light and Dawn Gold

21 of us participated in an ornament swap with a Suessical theme, the theme of this years Art Is... You.  Here is Dianne opening her ornaments.
We created 9 and received 8 back.  The 9th one was donated to Sarahs House, a cancer house that Stan, a member of Taryn and Scotts family is building.  Taryn and Scott own Navel Jelly Studios and have an amazing retreat in the summer up in Maine and it is called Art in the Rough.  Yes you take classes and your home is a tent!  It is so much fun.

Some of the ornaments that were created.

Taryn and Scott receiving the ornaments.

Tilly gave us henna tattoos

My henna tattoo right after Tilly created it, just for me!!

A tribute to Steve Jobs that was on every table at breakfast.

Thank you for joining me on my tour of memories.  Art Is... You is a special time for me and I hope you like this. I hope to see you next October at
Art Is...YOU.
xox Colleen


  1. Hi, Colleen, Thank you so much for sharing the photos from the retreat. I would have loved to have attended this year, but just couldn't swing it. I missed everybody, esp. you!

    Congratulations on starting your new blog!


  2. Thanks Sandra, we did miss you this year. Maybe next year will be better and you can come and play!!