Friday, December 30, 2011

Tis the Season

Christmas is a special time for us to spend with our families.  We gather and have fun, laugh, share sorrows, and enjoy each others company.   I still follow traditions I picked up as a little girl and I have added a few along the way.  The tree is cut down Thanksgiving weekend.  I remember as a little girl, going with my family to hang a hat or a mitten on the tree we wanted, then going back a few weeks later to cut it down. Decorating it is like a trip down memory lane, as my mom has given me some of my childhood ornaments to hang on the tree. We have new ones that we have added, and they are also wonderful memories.  As I decorate the tree, a Christmas movie is on, maybe Rudolf or Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  I have several Christmas movies on dvd, but my favorites are The Homecoming, Prancer, Holiday Inn, Christmas in Connecticut and any of the Dickens A Christmas Carol versions! Baking cookies is always fun, and this year I participated in the Coventry Regional Farmers Market cookie swap and received many fabulous cookies! 
We spend Christmas Eve with Ricks family at his sisters home.  There are at least 20 people there every year and it is so much fun. Ricks sisters table decor and decorations throughout the house are beautiful.  She usually has a theme and this year was Silvery Woodlands.  I bring a dessert and I like to keep in line with the theme so I made a Buche de Noel with meringue mushrooms.  
Christmas day is spent with my family.  My niece Olivia is 6 and we had such a wonderful time with her, watching her open her gifts and she loves to pass out the gifts.  It is such a warm feeling to be home with my parents and our whole family!
Here are some pictures of our home at Christmas!
                              I hope that you all had as wonderful a Holiday season as we had!
Our rustic Christmas

Buche de Noel

Our tree, love the fat ones!

My Christmas Faerie

I love this feather wreath that I purchased at one of the Christmas shows I vended at.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas date with my love!

What an incredible evening.  A full Oak Moon overhead, we took the half hour drive to the Golden Lamb Buttery for a wonderful night together.  We arrived and looked around, it has been years since I was there last.  A tall beautiful tree was center in the room and we were greeted promptly and introduced to our server for the evening,  Jackie.  She brought us 2 hot mulled ciders and we proceeded to go on a hay ride with Susan Lamb and she played her guitar and we all sang Christmas carols under the moon.  We saw herds of deer as we sang.  There were 2 couples, a bit older that were on the ride with us.  They had evening tuxedos and long ball gowns and furs and they were having a grand ol time!!  They reminded me of old time movies where people actually dressed up to go out for the evening.  When we arrived back we were brought to our table by Jackie.  We were upstairs, I had never been up there for dinner.   We had ordered our meal before the ride, Pork Normandy for myself, and Rick had Chateaubriand.  Rick had an amazing kale and sausage soup and I had a poached pear salad.  Our meals arrived and they were delicious.  As we dined, the Madrigal Singers came around and sang Christmas carols in Elizabethan garb.   Susan came around to each table and took requests.  The table before us took my favorite, Oh Holy Night, so I requested Silver Bells.  She has a wonderful voice and did all the songs she sang justice.
Several vegetable side dishes were brought around and I was so full I did not finish my wonderful bread pudding dessert, so it will be breakfast!  Ricks mixed fruit compote was equally delish, and there was a hint of ginger in it so I will have to try that sometime.  Cappuccino finished the meal.  We had a wonder leisurely dinner, we did not have to rush or worry about holding up a table as the table was ours for the evening. What a nice date with Rick, we could catch up and just enjoy each others company for an evening.
Here are some pictures and the link to their website.

The view from our table

Rick looking so handsome in his suit!  I could see the moon out the window behind him as we ate.

The Madrigal Singers

The first bracelet is one my niece Olivia made me from a gold pipecleaner and some beads.


Outside of the Golden Lamb Buttery

Ricks fruit compote with Vanilla Ice cream

My Bread Pudding

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Halloween storm

Our birch out looking out the kitchen window

Another pic of the birch, one of her branches was touching the door.

The birch .

The birch from a different angle.

It looked so magical

All of the trees branches were bent over from the weight of the snow.

We worried about these wires but the did not snap.

All the branches were bent all around the house and some snapped and hung suspended in the air, some came down.

This tree came down in my shade garden.

From the spare bedroom, this is a beauty bush touching the window and all other trees around the wood shed.

The front of the house, this is a pussy willow tree touching the window.  This tree ended up just fine, its branches went right back into place after the snow melted.

From our bedroom, magical looking.  Taken with the window open thru the screen.

 We had a foot of snow, and no power.  We ventured out to go to the Wooden Spoon for breakfast, not really understanding the full force of the storm.  Route 74 was blocked from a downed tree so we took some backroads which showed us the extent of the storms damage.  It truly looked like a war zone.  Wires down, trees down, branches down.  We went back home and decided to go to my parents, I could not reach them on the phone.  As we turned down their street in Vernon, I started to panic.  Wires were all over and the branches and trees that were down all around us as we neared my parents. Still to this day I can see the devastation, they lost the apple tree that has so many memories and shaded my moms shade garden.  Branches and trees all over, and the top of the apple tree just brushed the house.  My dad said that all night he could hear the trees and branches snapping and hitting the ground.  I cannot believe the house did not get hit.  I posted the pics from their house on FB.  We were without power for 7 days.  We were fine, we heat with wood in the winter so that was ok.  We cooked on the grill and the coleman camp stove.  Rick heated water every morning so I could shower and wash my hair.  The only issue was that we have well water and the pump is electric so we had no running water.  We now have a generator that we will wire into the pump so we don't have this issue if this happens again.  My parents were without power for 9 days and my sister and her family for 7 days.  There is still clean up going on and piles of brush are still lined up along the street for pickup.  I hope we never have another storm like this, but I know that is Mother Natures call.  I did find beauty in this early snow, even with all its devastation.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you Mrs. Pom

I received my Cloth Paper Scissors Nov issue a few days ago.  Normally I would read it from back to front before I do anything else, the day it comes in the mail.  Back to front because our Mrs. Poms article is in the back and that is how I like to start reading CPS.  This time was different because I knew it was Loretta Benedetto Marvels last article in CPS.  As usual her article was inspiring, uplifting and I love the ending, keep buying magazines... and I cannot capture in my own words how Loretta writes it so you will have to read your magazine to see what I am talking about! 
I met Loretta Benedetto Marvel at Art Is... You, she hosts the morning journaling, soul searching events before your day gets going.  She helps us think outside the box, she teaches us to let go and just do. What a freeing concept!  She helps you find your art soul and teaches you how to hang on to it and let it grow.

Loretta, you have inspired me in so many ways, you will never know. Thank you!!!!
xox Colleen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday at the Coventry Regional Farmers Market

Today was a crisp fall day and I vended at our Market for the last time this year outdoors.  It was a bitter sweet day as it is my last outdoor show of the year.  Our market is amazing, from coffee and teas to honey, beef, chicken and pork, fruits, veggies and flowers, organic cotton clothing and woolen wonders.  Fantastic photography breads, pastries.  Delish food vendors, kettle corn, maple delights, jewelry, and on and on.  Here are some pictures from todays market, and I would like to thank Thea and Rose for coming from Rhode Island to visit our market and to see me!  Enjoy!
From veggies to organic cotton...

My friend Dot Drobneys wonderful photography!

Wonderful food vendors

Merianos Bakery, amazing pasta and pastries

Farm to Hearths wood fired oven, the dome shaped thing in the background.  Melissa and Todd make the best pizzas and they use fresh cheese, meats and veggies from the vendors at the market.  You can see the wonderful breads all lined up for us to buy and eat!

Jams in the background, teas and herbs in the front, I was set up right next to the teas and herbs, and the smell was heavenly!

Got peppers and eggplant from Windham Gardens.

Windham Gardens has the most spectacular flowers, every single Sunday!

Some of my work, Moonfaerie Designs

More of my work

Laura Craig Stone, one of the Markets photographers posing for my pic!

What a sweetie, and she has her maple syrup, so all is good with the world!

Dogs are welcome at the Market, vendors put water bowls out for them in the summer.  There is a vendor who sells doggie treats!

Halloween is around the corner...

My hubby Rick and Sue Muldoon, one of the Market photographers and the wonderful woman who helped me get my social media up and running!  She rocks.    So does my hubby!

More of my work at Moonfaerie Designs