Sunday, November 4, 2012

Helping out our neighbors

I have not posted in awhile, life seems to be moving by so fast!!  I am posting now because I have a wonderful way for you to help the victims from Hurricane Sandy. My Art is You retreat group has this fabulous way of helping.  1. Visit this link:

2.    Click on the Donate now button...Cash, groceries, gas.  Doesn't matter what but you must make a donation.

3.    Come back here and post that you have donated.  I don't need to know what or how much.  In your post be sure to put your email address so I can be in touch with you.
  I will draw a name from the posts to this, and the winner will receive a necklace or apron created especially for them.  Their will also be a main drawing, you can see the wonderful art on the website!
Here are some of the aprons and necklaces I have created in the past!
 Thank you so much for your help.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too -or -YIPEE I was able to attend the opening day of the farmers market!!

 This turned out to be a wonderful weekend.  Rick and I took a drive out to pick something up in Willimantic and stopped at the Mansfield Center General Store.  I have heard about their wonderful brunches on Sunday but I did not realize they also have an antique store attached to the quaint restaurant that you walk into.  

We ate a scone that had just come out of the oven, and had an amazing ginger jasmine ice tea! We sat here and watched the world go by.  Peek in the window and you can see someone sitting at a table enjoying a sandwich!

Cute outdoor seating!
I purchased this old petticoat and lace, I am making an apron out of them!

Waistband will be replaced!

So  I am sure you are wondering what I meant by having my cake and eat it too.  I was supposed to vend today at a wonderful show in Worcester, but it was postponed until next Sunday.  This was fabulous for me as our Coventry Regional Farmers Markets opening day was today and I did not want to miss it.   I would have missed the veggie gardening class and the first swap of the season, along with seeing the new barn! So I was able to go the opening day and still vend next Sunday. Yes I will miss next Sunday at the market, but I didn't miss opening day!

This is soon after the bell rang to open the market!!  I headed over to get in line for the first Farm to Hearth pizza of the season.

This is the best pizza ever!!  Todd and Mel from Farm to Hearth are wonderful and their pizza is a labor of love.  Cooked in a wood fired stove, we had the radish, mushroom and kale pizza.  All the ingredients that are on the handmade sourdough crust are found at the market.  Todd picks them out from each vendor in the morning.  I forgot the kind of cheese, but I can tell you it was delish! They also sell bread!
 Then I headed over to see the progress on our new barn!

I thanked the builders for working on Sunday, they were treated to lunch on the Market I heard.  I got to stand inside this beautiful structure that we won.  I cannot wait for all the canning, pasta, etc classes and other events they will be holding here once it is completed.

Lines are forming!!  Get your favorites while they last!


A favorite of mine, in the very left bottom corner, bags of bamboo rice.

It was nice to see Christine again and congratulate her on her recent sucess!  Her yummy Wendy Bites are to die for and all gluten free.

Filling up nicely!

Our market is dog friendly!

Got some tea from Rose, and her sea salts are wonderful.

I adore Wayne and his wife!  They introduced me to Kholrabi!

MaryLynne is a felted wonder!  I bring her sweaters for her twirly skirts and she gives me buttons!

Her birds are amazing and I have one of her owls!

There are always events for the kids, plant your own seedlings was todays event.

Hard to see him, but in the yellow shirt is Paul from Purity Farms, I always get my fingerling potatoes from him!

I was trying to get the sign, the green and yellow that said GMO FREE!

The lovely Hannah Fair played today.  Soon the entertainment will be in the barn.

This Sundays swap was seedlings, although anything hand made is accepted.  I ran out of room on my phone for pictures but there was another table with hand made goods.  I swapped a roma tomato plant, 2 jars of granola, and I came home with lemon balm, campion rose plant, and pullet eggs. Lovely Morgan gave me her last jar of barbecue rub so I owe her! 

There were other photos I wanted to take but I did run out of space on my phone.  I didn't get to introduce you to Carole of Topmost Farms, Jonathan of New Boston Beef and others.  So I think every Sunday that I am at the market and not vending I will blog about one of the vendors.  They all do their part to help us stay green and become self sufficient and eat healthier.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and look at all these pictures, our market is fabulous, and remember EAT MORE KALE!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Earth Angels

I have wanted to see the Earth Angels show in Saratoga for years now, but I have always vended the same weekend.  This year the date of my show was moved to June so I was able to attend!  Earth Angels show is a group of very talented artists that showcase their art at different venues across the country and their art is also available on the website,  This past weekend they were at Schuylers Pond, Saratoga NY.  It was an easy  2 1/2 - 3 hr drive,  and the weather was perfect. 

 Here are pictures of some of the amazing artwork that was displayed.  It appears that I took several pictures of paintings and neglected the amazing jewelry and fabulous vintage items by Skippy Doodle Designs, who shops at the Mansfield Flea Market where I love to shop!

  If you get a chance please visit the website and view all the art that is displayed!  Their next stop is  the Rose Petal Porch in Lafayette NJ, on June 9th and 10th.
Fabulous work of Jennifer Lanne!

The pond

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn, Jennifer Lanne paintings displayed on doors.

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn, one of the little rooms

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn, individual rooms set up with gorgeous displays

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn.  I fell in love with this bed.

Inside the Schuyler Pond Home and Garden barn, Jennifer Lannes paintings displayed on doors.

Outside, the start of the Earth Angels yumminess.  You can see the Derby Blooms on the board.  Beautiful flower pins created by Marie Pendley.

Krys Kirkpatricks beautiful bunnies and art work.

Laurie Meserolls amazing work

The outdoor garden displays were as beautiful as the artists works!

I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful art work and home decor from the talented group of Earth Angels artists and the home decor of Schuyler Pond!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tea Time!

Yesterday I had my annual tea, and this year it actually happened in February!  Last year had to be postponed until April because of the weather.  This years theme was Aprons.  We all wore our aprons and told our stories about them.  My Aunts was made for her in the 1960's by her grandmother.  My sister and my niece wore matching aprons that my sister in law gave them.  I have several aprons and made a new one for the occasion.  I make a new apron each year for my Art Is Retreat, with the retreats theme in mind.  I have Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Dr Seuss so far.  My mom wore a apron made for me by an Art Is friend, Elizabeth.  I served Chocolate Cherry muffins, yogurt with raspberries and homemade granola, Strawberries and Cream scones, shrimp tea sandwiches and cream cheese and cucumber tea sandwiches and minted citrus fruit.  Dessert was a raspberry trifle, and of course we had tea!  Peppermint, lemon ginger, peach ginger, chamomile and my mothers favorite, Tetley.  Here are some pictures of the day! 

Debbie was coordinated to her apron!

My mom and Deb catch up.

Tracy Pat and Patti

Tracy Pat and Patty with my niece in the backrground

Mom, Olivia, My sister Janice and me, and the doggies!

Raspberries in yogurt, with homemade granola

Chocolate cherry muffins

Mint citrus fruit

Raspberry trifle

cucumber and cream cheese, shrimp tea sandwiches

Strawberry and cream scones

Tea and talk!

Rosie had to be a part, sitting between my mom and Patti.

My sister Janice and my niece Olivia!

Oliver looks sad so.....

Oliver got to wear an apron, don't tell daddy!

I made a banner for the mantle, and my wool roving tree is in the center. Everyone got to take a heart home.  I had so much pink and red felt left over from a previous project so I made little hearts with lace and ribbons and fun stuff on them.

We all had such a good time catching up and eating and drinking tea!!  Now I will have to start thinking of next years theme.  Will it be prim, flowers, butterflies, gardening, baking.....